Unfinished work bugs me...

Middle November in New York City and still no first frost.  Normally, I would enjoy a couple weeks of mild weather, however Autumn's reprieve spared the bloodthirst New York super mosquitos. I've been bitten on my fingers, toes, arms and even my eyelid! Last night, one bit me on the nose and lip. To sooth my indignation and take my mind off my fat itchy lip, I revised an old school project that featured my tiny nemeses. 

The original project was highlight a specific plant, in my case Citronella a natural bug repellant. The work also was a homage to old horror movie posters like Night of the Lepus  or Them.  The illustration was going great, until I drew in the oversaturated sunset and background swarm. (Always do the background first, because then if you screw it up you haven't invested so much.) Out of time to work on it, I save the piece hoping to fix things in the future.

Original Colored Pencil Drawing

Photoshop corrected version

That time is now. I was going to write the detailed play by play of photoshop steps, but I bored myself into a stupor. Instead, I'm going to make short tutorial. Soon I promise. ;)

And then there was the font. Fonts seem easy... until you're trying to find the right font and realised you just hit the typography iceberg. At first I placed a red brush script in for fun... but the focus should be Citronella and not an unholy menace. A little rearranging needed to be done because the original piece was not created with text in mind. I tried putting the title above the candle but that felt too boxed in. Fortunately, this is photoshop so I made copy of the table and moved it up. Making space for the title. Then I spent three hours trying different fonts before settling on one called "Mrs. Monster".

Random tip: If you are allergic to mosquito bites, like me... smear the bite with triple antibiotic ointment (the kind found in first aid kits) and take a benadryl if you can.