New Year

Every New Years I make the same resolution, "this year will be different"! And every year it is and it isn't. This declaration becomes a catch all vision of a perfected self. "I didn't go running once in 2013... but this year will be different. I spent half of my savings, but this year will be different." For 2014 I've decided to be easier on myself, no long list of expectations. Instead, I'm just going to focus on one thing, sketching. Like any other skill, if you stop sketching it can be frustrating to start again. Especially this last year, as I struggle to believe am I still an artist while I'm between jobs and working part-time as a barista.

Two weeks before Christmas I visited friends in Little Rock Arkansas, some of which hadn't seen me in years. It was fun but when they ask if I was still working at a museum, my face burned as admitted I was working part-time slinging coffee. Thankfully, my hostess' young daughter made me feel like the coolest thing ever. Her parents told her I was an artist living in big and far away New York City. Wide-eyed she asked "Can you draw an apple?!!!". Sure kid. 


And I did. I was able to put aside all worries and expectations for fifteen minutes and just draw an apple with crayons. No procrastinating for a half hour and dragging myself to the drawing table only to choke on my perfectionism. I just drew an apple. It was almost zen.

Here is my challenge this year. I want to post a sketch or art work a day. This is the first.


I'm telling all of you to keep me accountable. And to keep this from being a recipe for disaster. The sketch has to be recent but not necessarily from that day. So on the days I'm rundown or recovering from americano burns I can be kind to myself and post an older sketch.

Happy New Years everyone. I hope your year is inspired. And as Klara Söderberg of First Aid Kit sings, "you just have to keep on trying."

Update: I've found posting a presentable sketch every day given my unpredictable job has proven difficult. (Unless I start posting contour drawings or only post old sketches. I won't do that to you.)  I'm going to amend my resolution. One meaningful sketch a week. 

Update: BAW hahahha... sigh. See latest post.